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          Your position:Home > Service concept

          Establishment of after-sales service agency

          Installation and Repair is an important part of Cadro company's market extension and marketing strategy. As per the product after sales situation, Cadro set up the customer service center to co-ordinate the national service.

          Operation and commitment of after sales service

          Cadro Customer service philosophy: do the right thing for the customers

          Quality policy: finest production, satisfactory service, consistent improvement, innovation and development.

          After sales service is divided into two modes

          In Shenzhen city and other territories that we have subsidiaries, Cadro company will organize the services.

          When the product is handed over to the customer, the company will teach the customers to use the product correctly and handle the common product failure according to the product use guideline; when the product is handed over to the customers, the product certificate and the after-sales service commitment letter are handed over to the customers as well, and the service organization Address, service Telephone, etc would be shared to them. Company will call or re-visit the customers within three weeks after the product leaving the factory, we should listen to the customers opinions on the usage and improvement of the product, and give the customers a satisfactory answer within one hour. Within three months, company will contact the customer to carry the products back to the factory for free maintenance and inspection.

          Second, Cadro company will send staffs or set up offices for installation guidance and technical training for the other customers in other areas; As per requirement, Cadro will set up special maintenance station locally by bidding, then strictly in accordance with the company's terms of service policy.

          Customer service commitment

          Service commitment: warranty one year for free repairing. If there is the product quality problems during the warranty period, the customers who showing the product maintenance manual will enjoy the warranty service in the whole country.

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