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          Shenzhen CADRO Hydraulic Equipment Co. Ltd. is the first company in China to run the promotion and application of integrated vehicle hydraulic system integration technology for special vehicle. Since its establishment in 1995, the company has adhered to its conviction and active innovation, and has developed into the largest and most comprehensive supplier of hydraulic systems, products and technical solutions for complete sets of special vehicles in China.

          Cadro Company actively completed the industrial upgrading and transfer through the recombination of various resources. Market development, technology research and development and manufacturing capabilities have been greatly enhanced, forming a strong core competitive advantage. Established in the country with subsidiaries and offices as the core, agents and service stations are organically combined to cover the nationwide market service network. Close to the demand, careful service has won wide acclaim. The company actively expands its overseas markets, with partners in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania and the Middle East and Africa.

          The company took the lead in setting up a "special vehicle complete equipment and technology research and development center” in China, and firmly adhered to the 16-word policy of “following the world, leading the domestic, technology-based, and innovative development”, and gathered a large number of domestic and foreign professional and technical personnel to learn from international advanced. Technology and products, closely cooperate with relevant industry associations, universities, research institutes and institutes at home and abroad, apply machine, electricity, liquid integration and intelligent control technology, and independently research and develop various types of special-purpose vehicle complete hydraulic system for domestic market characteristics. . After years of unremitting efforts, the harvest is remarkable. The company has complete independent intellectual property rights and a large number of national patents, and organizes the formulation of a number of industry standards. Its achievements and influence have always been at the leading position in the domestic research and development of special vehicles, logistics and special equipment and technology.

          The company is located in Jianhu County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, and its northern production and production base covering an area of 260,000 square meters has been fully put into operation. The base adopts internationally leading manufacturing technology and is equipped with advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, covering the manufacturing, spraying and assembly testing of key components. Its production scale and supporting capacity are second to none at home and abroad. The company has established a special technology experiment center in Shenzhen, equipped with advanced research and development test equipment, and undertakes research, application, testing and inspection of new technologies, new processes and new materials.

          Cadro Company always regards "professional" as the development concept, "integrity" as the action criterion, and "innovation" as the measurement standard. Adhere to the common goal of "joining for mutual progress" and the social responsibility of "mutual assistance and integration". Our efforts will definitely help you move toward higher goals and create a better future.

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